Safeguarding and Guiding
Autonomous Operations
with 4D Scanning Radars

Mining truck

Radar for autonomous Mining

your people and
operations in
poor visibility

Autonomous mining can significantly increase productivity in harsh environments. Sencept’s reliable and high-resolution radar enables less downtime of your operations and helps you achieve high productivity. Our 4D radars navigate your operations in the dust and darkness of the mine while preventing human-machine collisions.


Radar for cars

See with extreme clarity to make Autonomous cars safe

Safety and reliability of driverless cars rely on the performance of sensors
to perceive road objects. Sencept’s imaging radars visualize and classify the objects on the road in all lighting and weather conditions.


Radar for robotics

Accurate and safe
drones and robots
using radar

Sencept’s radar enables drones and robots to scan the environment with a wide field of view in all weather conditions.

Radar for mining

Smart and safe
in poor

Smart Mining improves safety and productivity in mining environments. Sencept’s collision avoidance and process monitoring solutions enable true safety and high precision monitoring in the dust and darkness of the mine.

Improve your safety and productivity!

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Person and excavator truck

4D imaging radar in Mining

Sencept has a range of radar solutions for sensing and collision avoidance in mining.

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